Good Morning! As a registered account holder at, we wanted to make sure you were aware that the data entry period for the CCM-CRCOG FY 2017-2018 Municipal Salary Survey is already underway. This year, the data entry window will run through Halloween on Tuesday, October 31st.

Our goal, as always, is to have all 169 Connecticut municipalities participate. We are off to a great start—a handful of towns have already submitted their surveys and many more are underway. We hope you will do your part in entering your municipality's data to help us produce our most expansive survey yet! The greater the participation, the better the product will be.

Here's a rundown of the improvements we made this year to streamline data entry, collect new information and enhance reporting:

Data Entry Reporting

Be sure to check out our updated Data Fields Guide and Data Entry Training Slides to help you navigate through this year's version. Both are available on the Dashboard page under Resources.

If you have any questions regarding data entry, or any other part of the survey, please do not hesitate to contact AJ Birmingham at 203-498-3055, or by email at or Hedy Ayers at CRCOG at 860-724-4218, or by email at

Thank you!

The CCM, CRCOG and CCAT Team