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Hebron Community Calendar

January 2022

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Upcoming Events

Boards & Commissions

Below is a list of the boards and commissions of the Town of Hebron.

Board of Selectmen (5)
(R) Daniel E. Larson, Chairman
(R) Gail B. Richmond, Vice Chairman
(D) Tiffany V. Thiele
(R) Peter D. Kasper
(D) Marc P. Rubera

Town Manager
Andrew J. Tierney

Board of Finance (5)
(R) Diane L. DelRosso, Chairman
(R) Michael T. McCormack, Vice Chairman
(R) David Veschi
(D) Janet Fodaski
(D) Malcolm Leichter, Jr.

Board of Education (7)
(D) Heather R. Petit, Chairman
(R) Joseph Margaitis
(R) Alex Crawford
(R) Allyson L. Schmeizl
(R) Amanda M. Veneziano
(R) Diana Morales
(D) Nicole A. Matthews

Regional School District #8 Board of Education (5)
(R) Michael Morris
(D) Jessica L. Dapsis
(R) Michael Charron
(R) Joseph A. Colletti
(R) Gabriel J. Marques

Planning & Zoning Commission (5)
(R) Natalie Wood, Chairman
(D) Frank Zitkus, Vice-Chairman
(R) Gerald Garfield, Secretary
(R) Devon S. Garner
(U) David V. Sousa

Planning & Zoning Alternates (2)

Zoning Board of Appeals (5)
(R) Martin Halloran, Chairman
(R) Jim Petrozza, Secretary
(R) June Danaher
(R) Lisa H. Richards

ZBA Alternates (3)
(D) Bryan D. Smith
(R) Steve Weir

Board Of Assessment Appeals (3)
(R) Phil LoBianco
(R) Thomas Tremont
(D) David Rose

Conservation Commission (5)
(R) Thomas Loto, Chairman
(D) Christopher Frey, Vice Chairman
(U) Daniel Seremet
(U) Joanna Chester
(R) Jasmin Okugic

Conservation Commission Alternates (2)
(D) Ann Zitkus

WPCA (5)
(R) Clara O’Brien
(D) Kevin Grady
(R) Chris Hemberger
(D) James R. Riley
(U) Benjamin Gilmore

Municipal Agent For Elderly
Sharon Garrard

Commission On Aging (7)
(D) Deborah Hart
(R) Catherine Litwin
(U) Cecile Piette
(R) Beth Schmeizl
(D) Tonya Maurer
(D) Dianne Welch

Commission On Aging Alternates (2)

Economic Development Commission (5)
(D) Neil Amwake, Chairman
(D) Peter Casarella, Vice Chairman
(R) Jon Lesisko
(D) Judith Podell
(D) Michelle Nicholson

Economic Development Alternates (2)

Housing Authority (5)
(D) Florence O’Sullivan, Chairman
(R) Ann-Lee Boynton
(D) Deborah Hart
(R) Kathi Loto

Historic Properties Commission (5)
(R) Mary Ann Foote, Chairman
(D) Susan Morin
(U) Jon Minard
(R) Patricia Larson
(D) Elizabeth Gannon

Historic Properties Commission Alternates (3)

Parks & Recreation Commission (7)
(R) Ken Jardin, Chairman
(U) Eric Lemieux, Vice Chairman
(R) Kate Wilcox
(D) Eric May
(D) Ryan Price

Parks & Recreation Commission Alternates (2)
(R) Kimberly Mizesko

Tricentennial Commission (13)

Open Space Land Acquisition Committee (8)
(D) Brian O’Connell, Chairman
(D) John Mullaney, Vice Chairman
(D) Frank Zitkus, Secretary
(R) James Cordier
(D) Christopher Frey
(R) David Veschi
(D) Tiffany V. Thiele
(R) Kate Wilcox

Panel Of Moderators
(D) Kevin Connors
(R) Scot Kauffman
(D) Joseph Krist

Public Building Committee (5)
(U) Wayne Warwick, Chairman
(D) Richard Steiner
(D) Malcolm Leichter
(D) David Foster


Green Committee (7)
(U) Kaitlin Hershey, Chairman
(D) Michael Harder
(D) Lindsay Ockman
(U) Eileen Terlecki

Green Committee Alternates (2)
(U) Joshua Esposito

Library Board of Trustees (9)
(U) Patricia Ayars, Chairman
(D) Peter Casarella, Vice-Chairman
(U) Susan Porter
(D) Althea Carr
(R) Gail B. Richmond
(R) Beth Schmeizl
(R) Mary Ann Foote
(D) Dale Bland
(R) Colleen Brennan

Brownfield Task Force
(R) Gerald Garfield
(R) Jon Lesisko
(D) Christopher Frey
(R) Devon Garner
Ken Slater


Judge of Probate 
Sean Peoples
Fire Chief 
Peter Starkel
Deputy Fire Chief
Dan Huppe
Assistant Fire Chief 
Dan Phelps, 1st Assistant Chief
Matthew Barrett, Second Assistant Chief
Hebron Parking Violations Hearing Officer
G. William Cox
Fire Marshal
Randy Blais
Deputy Fire Marshal
Dan Larson
Burning Official
Tony Pitrone
Resident State Trooper
Bryce Reed
Hebron Police Officers 
Marc Rubera
Ricardo Martinez
Thomas Regan
Thomas Topulos
Registrar of Voters 
(R) John F. Richmond
(D) Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Deputy Registrar of Voters 
(R) Merris Wiliams
(D) Thomas Golub
Director Of Health
Russell Melmed, Director, Chatham Health District
Fish & Wild Life Constable
Dan Larson
Emergency Management

Paul Bancroft
Deputy Emergency Management

Karen Zito
RHAM Superintendent of Schools
Scott Leslie
Hebron Superintendant of Schools
Thomas Baird
Library Director 
Kevin Sullivan
North Central Regional
Mental Health Board
Director of Public Works
Kevin Kelly
Parks & Recreation Director 
Craig Bryant
Animal Control Officer
William Bell
Tree Warden
Kevin Kelly
AHM Youth Services
Tressa Giordano
Town Attorney
Kenneth Slater
Senior Services Coordinator
Sharon Garrard
Central Regional Tourism District
Judith Podell