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Update of the Plan of Conservation and Development

We are Updating our Plan…..

The Hebron Planning and Zoning Commission has begun the process of updating the Town’s 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development.  The current 2014 Plan was approved on June 10, 2014 and it can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  This page is provided to inform you about the current Plan, explain the update process, and to invite your comments and suggestions on an updated Plan.

2014 Plan of Conservation and Development

What is a Plan of Conservation and Development?

The Plan is a document that lays out a vision for the community. It contain a series of goals and policies for the Town and defines a framework for how we would like to see the town grow over the next 10 – 20 years.

What’s in the Plan ?

The Plan contains information on how the Town has developed over the past decades and how it is expected to grow in the future. It contains goals and policies regarding the natural resources in our town, such as wetlands, watercourses, aquifers, soils, farmland and open spaces, and identifies ways to protect them.  The Plan also contains goals and policies for the business areas of the town and provides guidance for how we want the business district to develop. The Plan contains guidance for other items such as housing policies, town facilities and other important issues.  These goals and policies are the basis for many of the Town’s land use regulations. The Plan also contains a number of maps showing planned open space, natural features, historic sites, the business districts in town, and a land use map.

Why is the Plan being Updated?

Every Town is required by State law to have a Plan, and to review and update it at least every 10 years. It is increasingly necessary to have an updated Plan to apply for State grants; but, it is even more important for a Town to keep its Plan current and have a “big-picture” document of how we want to grow.

How can I have Input?

The Planning and Zoning Commission has begun the process of updating the Plan by reaching out to Hebron’s many Boards and Commissions and Town staff members to solicit their input on various sections of the plan, starting with the Conservation sections.  As this preliminary review is completed, the Commission will announce Public Informational Meetings to gather input from the Town residents.  This effort of gathering input from from other boards and commissions and the general public will ensure that the update is made with a thoughtful and comprehensive process.

The Hebron Planning and Zoning Commission always welcomes input from Town residents and businesses.  Typical planning questions that the Commission asks when it is updating a Plan of Conservation and Development are:  What might you like to see included in the Plan?  What are some of your ideas regarding the future growth of our Town?  What issues are of major concern?  What would be the vision of the Town 10-20 years from now?

Take the time to share with us any ideas and thoughts you might have to help shape the future of our community! Click on this link and send an e-mail to us with your ideas:

(Here Are My Ideas)