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July 2022

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Volunteer Opportunities


 June 2022


Planning and Zoning Commission: (5) Regular, (2) Alternate Members
Meet the second and fourth Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

 Current Vacancies: (1) Regular, (1) Alternate

The Planning and Zoning Commission is the town’s community planning agency performing long range planning as well as short-term planning functions. The Commission is charged with adopting and periodically updating the Town’s master plan as well as Hebron’s Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.  The Commission reviews and approves all new development proposals in Hebron to ensure that they conform to these plans and regulations. The Commission’s mission is to continue to preserve the Community’s prized “small town character” and rural ambiance while guiding new growth and economic development in a way that complements our existing high quality of life. The Commission is an elected body of five regular members and up to three alternate members.


Zoning Board of Appeals: (5) Regular, (3) Alternate Members
Meet the first Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Current Vacancies: (1) Regular, (1) Alternate

The Mission of the Zoning Board of Appeals is as follows: If a town adopts a set of Zoning Regulations, State law requires that the town also establish a Zoning Board of Appeals so that if the Regulations create a true hardship on a parcel of property, there is a Board established to be able to grant relief. In this capacity, the Board’s charge is to hear and decide on applications for variances to the Zoning Regulations where a property owner claims that there is a hardship. Variances may be considered where there is an unusual circumstance with the parcel of land, which may have created a hardship in complying with the Zoning Regulations. Also, the Board receives any applications appealing decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine if there was an error in that decision.


Regional School District #8 Board of Education: (5) Regular
Meet the third Monday at 6:30 p.m. 

Current Vacancy:  (1) Regular

The Mission of Region 8 is in partnership with our communities, we enable students to actively participate in and apply learning throughout life and be positive contributors in a changing world. During the 2017-2018 school year, the district engaged in a strategic planning process to review and revise our mission statement and develop specific goals that will guide future decision-making for the district. The strategic planning process included input and feedback from Board of Education members, parents, students, staff, administration and community members in order to involve as many of the RHAM stakeholders as possible. The strategic plan can be found on the main page of the district website under the Superintendent tab.



Commission on Aging: (7) Regular, (2) Alternate
Meet the first Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

Current Vacancies:  (2) Alternates

The Commission on Aging consists of seven (7) members, each of whom shall serve four (4) year overlapping terms. Additionally, there are two (2) alternate members. The Commission is charged with studying the needs of and coordinating programs for the aging in the Town of Hebron and may organize itself in whatever manner it may determine to carry out its duties.


Conservation Commission: (5) Regular, (2) Alternate Members
Meet the second Thursday 7:30 p.m.

Current Vacancy: (1) Alternate

The Hebron Conservation Commission is the Town’s land use agency consisting of five citizen members that is mandated and empowered by the State of Connecticut to enforce the Inland Wetlands Act (Sections 22a-36 and 22a-45 inclusive) of the Connecticut General Statutes as amended and adopted local wetland regulations specific to Hebron. Commission members, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, serve four-year overlapping terms during which they participate in ongoing training and educational programs intended to aid in the understanding and execution of their duties.


Economic Development Commission: (5) Regular (2) Alternate Members
Meet the third Monday at 7:00 p.m.

Current Vacancies:  (2) Alternates


To promote the growth of Hebron’s non-residential tax base in a manner consistent with the town plan while minimizing the impact on the existing environment or the desirable rural character of the community by:

  • Working to retain and assist existing businesses;
  • Working to attract new low-impact business development to Hebron that will increase tax revenues, and provide desirable goods, services and employment opportunities.


Historic Properties Commission: (5) Regular, 3 Alternate Members
Meet the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Current Vacancies: (3) Alternates

The Historic Properties Commission is charged with promoting the identification, preservation and protection of historic properties within the Town, and to preserve and protect their architectural and historical integrity. See www.hebronhpc.org for information on Hebron’s historic properties.


Parks and Recreation Commission: (7) Regular, (2) Alternate Members
Meet the fourth Monday at 7:00 p.m.

Current Vacancies: (2) Regular, (1) Alternate


To enhance the quality of life for all Hebron residents.

Offer a diverse cultural community and special event activities for all family members.
Offer a full array of informational services of all leisure activities and organizations.
Provide professional leisure department assistance to all community groups.
Provide quality leisure opportunities in a safe and healthy atmosphere.
Provide a well-maintained park system and recreational facilities.
Provide a comprehensive Master Plan for park development.
Preserve open space for future generations.


Public Building Committee: (5) Regular, (2) Alternate Members
Meet the 3rd Monday 6:30 p.m.

Current Vacancies: (1) Regular, (2) Alternate

Members. There shall be a Public Building Committee composed of five (5) regular and two (2) alternate members, electors of the Town in conformance with the minority representation requirements of C.G.S. § 9-167a, all to serve for terms of four (4) years each.

Duties.  It shall be the duty of the Public Building Committee with the assistance of the on call Architectural and Engineering professionals or any other outside professionals that are deemed appropriate to develop preliminary plans and cost estimates and supervise the construction of, addition to, or alteration of any capital project and any other project at the Board of Selectmen’s discretion, approved by the Selectmen, based upon a statement of need, including specified requirements and specifications.  Plans and estimates should include, where necessary, land acquisition costs, site improvement and other appurtenances, together with any equipment and furnishings.

This Public Building Committee shall be the official Building Committee for the Town of Hebron.  Additional members may be added to the Committee based on the requirements of the project(s) that the Committee is overseeing and /or as may be proscribed by law.


Commemoration Commission: (3 – 13) Regular Members

Current Vacancies:  (3-13) Regular

Formerly the Tricentennial Commission.   The primary charge is to prepare the local community to celebrate the 300th anniversary in 2076.  Supervise certain patriotic or other suitable functions, oversee the time capsule, hold custody for the Town, State and national Bicentennial flags, responsible for documentary of the History of Hebron.  Responsible for the custody of other historic and sentimental items entrusted to the Commission.


There is also a vacancy for a Hebron resident to serve on the Catchment Area Council 15 for Amplify – North Central Regional Mental Health Board.

A vacancy exists for a Hebron representative on the Central Regional Tourism District  Board of Directors.  The mission of the District is to promote leisure, business, group and corporate travel to the region.  Click here for more information.

Interested candidates should attend a meeting of the board or commission in which they may have an interest and discuss with the Chairman the frequency of meetings and the time commitment involved.

All residents of Hebron who are registered to vote are eligible. Letters of interest or questions may be addressed to The Town Manager’s Office, Town of Hebron, 15 Gilead Street, Hebron CT  06248 or call (860) 228-5971.